6 and a Half things You Probably Didn’t Know about Your Plumbing System

3. Water heaters are not maintenance free. A lot of home owners put off maintenance and service calls for their equipment, but they are usually aware that its needed. Most home owners seem to be unaware that their water heaters need regular service as well. The tanks can fill with sediment, the anode rods will corrode and deteriorate, one of the elements could be burned out, and the TPRV might not be functional. Having yearly inspection and cleaning from a qualified plumber can keep the water heater running efficiently and prolong its life.

4.  There is a lot of money to be saved at your toilet. Older inefficient toilets generally use between 3-5 gallons per flush, with some as high as 7 gallons.  The EPA estimates that flushing toilets accounts for almost a third of all residential water use. Upgrading your toilet to a high efficiency watersense toilet can save you more $2000 over the life of the toilet. Personally, I recommend dual flush toilets that save water by allowing you to flush less water when you only have liquid waste.

5. There is no such thing as a hot water heater. Despite popular belief, they aren’t actually called hot water heaters. It’s just a water heater. I am not sure why anyone would want to heat hot water.