5 Things Your Contractor May Have Forgotten

5. Kick Out Flashing

Flashings are materials, usually metal or plastic, that are installed to direct water away from building openings. Flashing is installed around windows, doors and roof penetrations such as plumbing vents or chimneys. The most common piece of flashing that is forgotten is called kick out flashing. Kick out flashing is installed where gutters stop at a wall, or chimney. It directs water into the gutter instead of down or behind the siding. Forgetting it causes deterioration of the siding, or sheathing. I have even seen water leak all the way down to the crawlspace and cause rot to band joists and sill plates. When looking for a contractor to install kick out flashing, just ask the contractor if he knows what it is, if he says no, call someone else.



It is hard to find good contractors, and even when think you hired a good one, you may have no idea what they missed. It’s always a good idea to hire a home inspector to get a second set of eyes on their work.