How to Fix Sagging Gutters – The Right Way

how to fix a sagging gutter

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A gutter system, aka rain gutters, is super important system of a home. When it rains your roof has a lot of surface area that collects rainwater. Without gutters that rain would saturate your fascia board, and rain would be concentrated at your foundation wall. This can cause serious water damage to the exterior of your home, or your home’s foundation. In fact, a common reason for crawl space water problems is not having gutters, or deficiencies with existing gutters.

Your gutters need regular maintenance. A lack of maintenance can turn small problems into more serious problems. Make sure your gutters are clean of leaves, foliage and debris. Gutter covers are nice, but they still can collect debris and stop water from draining. After heavy rains, check your yard for water pools from overflowing gutters, or gutter leaks. Check for leaky gutter joints, loose gutters, loose spikes, broken hardware, and of course gutter sags.

The good news is that most gutter issues are easy fixes. Leaky gutters from small holes can be addressed with gutter sealant. Dirty gutters are easily cleaned with a ladder and some elbow grease. Loose spikes can be replaced long spikes.

If you don’t maintain your gutters, the extra weight can cause a sagging gutter. This will alter the slope of your gutter and cause bigger problems. A significantly sagging gutter can allow pests into the attic. Long term the gutter will continue to sag deeper, and may eventually fall of the house. It is a good idea to repair this before it gets worse. If you don’t address this is a timely matter, you may need all new gutters which is much more expensive.

Materials Needed

You can get these from your local hardware store, or purchase them online from the links below.

Ladder (Which Ladder is Best for You?)

Cordless Drill, or Screw Driver (Which cordless tool brand is best for you?)

One Hand Reciprocating Saw

New Gutter Brackets or Gutter Hangers

50ft expandable garden house

Small Utility Pry Bar

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