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Bare Minimum Home Inspectors

How to Recognize a “Bare Minimum” Home Inspector A House on a Rock Home Inspections LLC When searching for a home inspector there are many things to consider.  There are many articles proliferated on the internet about how to find the right inspector.  Many include looking for a licensed, experienced, insured, qualified, or otherwise technically […]

What is a GFCI?

What is a GFCI? GFCI stands for ground-fault circuit interrupter. It is a device used in electrical circuits to protect people from shocks.  It works by detecting tiny current imbalances between the ungrounded and grounded (aka the “hot” and “neutral” ) conductors which shut off power to everything downstream of the device. The imbalance can […]

Wood Burning Stoves

A wood-burning stove (also known as a wood stove) is a heating appliance made  from iron or steel that is capable of burning wood fuel. Unlike standard  fireplaces, wood stoves are typically contained entirely within the living  space, rather than inset in the wall. Wood stoves come in many different sizes, each suited for a […]

The Home Inspector Pledge

The Home Inspector Pledge It seems as though every day, an affluent philanthropist passes away, and leaves me, a random stranger, as the sole beneficiary to their entire estate.  I simply need to wire a fee overseas in order to receive my inheritance.   I have wired funds to several lawyers now, and soon should be […]

Exposed Nail Heads

By: Juan Jimenez A defect that I often find during my home inspections is exposed nail heads on the roof. When the roof is installed exposed nails should be kept to a minimum, but it is unavoidable in certain situations. Most often the exposed nails are on the ridge, the flashing, an improper roof repair, […]