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Lead Water Lines In Richmond

Lead Water Lines In Richmond During our inspections in Richmond, it is not uncommon for us to find that the main water lines are lead. While home inspectors aren’t required to test for, or discover lead components, a visible main water will have a distinct feature often indicating it is lead. In the photo below, […]

Funny Defect in Brand New Home

Home Inspection Defect in Brand New Home   Many home buyers are conflicted about whether, or not, they should pay for a home inspection on a brand new home. I think if we found nothing else in this home, the inspection would still be worth every penny.  

3 Ways For Realtors to Turn Blogging into Commission Checks

Blogging Tips For Realtors Blogging is a necessity for many companies trying to brand themselves, establish themselves as experts, and keep engaged with their clients. For us, blogging has brought us immeasurable success on all fronts. NAR reports that over 90 percent (99 percent for millenials) of home buyers start their search online, and that […]

Two Electricians Said it’s Fine

Mismatched Breaker Brands? Sometimes being a home inspector feels I’m part of a boxing match. The buyer VS. seller is the main event. The seller has an electrician in his corner, and the buyer has me. Let’s get ready to rumble.  One of the most things we write up in the electrical panel is mismatched breakers. […]

Is a Foggy Window a Defect?

The Home Inspector Perspective One of the most interesting, and sometimes difficult question that I get asked when presenting an issue is “is that a defect?” It’s a legitimate question. Negotiations are going to take place after the inspection, and from what we understand, you can’t ask for items to be repaired that aren’t defects. […]

Millions of Crystal Balls Recalled

Home Inspector Crystal Balls Recalled Recalls are a big deal right now, and it seems no industry is safe from defective products. Hundreds of products are recalled every year in every category from food, kitchen appliances, cars, Christmas trees, and everything in between. Perhaps the most alarming recall of 2016 was ACME’s crystal ball. ACME’s […]

Richmond Home Inspector Cleared in Killing….

After a thorough investigation, local authorities say a local Richmond home inspector, initially the leading suspect for killing a real estate deal, has been cleared. The home inspector was dubbed “Deal Killer” by people close to the victim. The victim, per the listing agent, was in perfect condition and had been meticulously maintained by a […]

7 Common Myths in Your Home Inspection Report

It’s pretty obvious that the worst thing that can happen during your home inspection, is that the inspector misses a major defect. Next on the list though is writing up a defect that isn’t a defect at all. It can cause a lot of confusion between the Realtors, buyers, and sellers. We have run into this many […]

Are Breakers One Size Fits All?

Being a home inspector isn’t easy. I’m scolded on a regular basis by listing agents convinced I’ve reported a non-defect. Our most recent transgression? Writing up mismatched breakers. This is when a brand of breaker is installed in an electrical panel that does not match the brand of the panel. So is a mismatched breaker […]

4 Reasons Homeowners Hate Home Warranties

Owning a home is still considered by many as the pinnacle of prosperity, and the culmination of the American dream. Still, it isn’t with out challenges. With crooked window salesman, dirty Groupons, and DIY failures, home ownership can be like navigating a ship through treacherous  waters. Of all the problems associated with home ownership, none […]

The One Dirty Groupon You Must Avoid

In case you have been living under a rock for the last few years, a groupon is a coupon with an adrenaline shot. The Groupon website offers steep discounts on products and services from local businesses. Patrons purchase a voucher from Goupon, which usually has a time limit, that they can redeem from the business. […]

Why We Love Bats (And Hate them)

Did you know that a single little brown bat can catch up to 600 mosquitoes in one hour? Falling creek in Richmond is in my backyard so I wouldn’t mind a few bats. It’s a smorgasbord here. As much as I love bats, most people don’t want them in their home, but it isn’t uncommon for […]

Customizable Maintenance Check lists

In any business, it is absolutely important to stay in contact with your customers. Its quite an arbitrary number, but many experts say it costs 5 times as much to acquire a new customer, as it does to keep your old customers. That is why we created these Maintenance Check Lists that you can EASILY […]

A Fire Rated Wall May Save Your Life

If you live in a town home, you may have noticed that the roofs have different heights, or that they have brick walls above the roof line that may seem purposeless to you. However, these building methods are fire resistant construction techniques designed to slow the spread of a fire from one town home to […]

What is an MWBC?

What is an MWBC? Juan Jimenez The Richmond Home Inspector MWBC is an acronym for multi-wire branch circuit. It is a method of wiring when an electrician uses one cable, for two circuits. The two circuits share one neutral. A more technical definition would be when two ungrounded conductors  share one grounded conductor. Although I have read strong […]

Things Duct Tape Should Never Be Used For

6 Things Duct Tape Should Never Be Used For Juan Jimenez-The Richmond Home Inspector Duct tape is glorious. It is a magnificent creation, and a staple for all house holds. A swathe of it can be employed for a simple repair, or rolls upon rolls can be spent by enterprising adolescents constructing unique prom attire. […]

Monster Free Guarantee

The Monster Free Guarantee Moving is tough, and it can be hard on children too.  My son sleeps soundly in his own bed every night, but when we visit friends, or family, he is petrified of the dark. New homes with unfamiliar spaces and new bumps in the night can have your kids wondering what […]

Should You Install an Attic Fan?

Should You Install an Attic Fan? Juan Jimenez A House on a Rock Home Inspections   Summer is a few weeks away, but as far as  I am concerned, summer has unofficially started in Richmond. Inspecting in the baking attics ofRichmond is my second least enjoyed part of my job. Someone needs to do it […]

5 Things Your Contractor May Have Forgotten

Finding a good contractor is always a stressful process. You can search the web, ask friends, or go on Angie’s List, but repairs and renovation present a special problem.  Home repair services are credence goods. Unlike a hair cut or style which you can adequately judge and determine quality, most consumers can not determine whether […]

Grounded Home Inspectors Raise Concerns

Grounded Home Inspectors Raise Concerns We had a saying in my aviation squadron that “there is always enough time to do it right the second time.” Cutting corners was not option with lives at stake. Unfortunately, some roofers don’t have this mentality and a quick job may be prioritized over a quality job. A common […]

Boost Your Real Estate Business

Boost Your Real Estate Business Nathan Thornberry is an entrepreneur, a marketing genius and a good friend of mine. He offers these presentations to Real Estate professionals to help them improve their business.  Nathan has changed the way we look at marketing, and in 30 minutes he can help you do the same.  

4 Secrets Window Salesmen Don’t Want You to Know

4 Secrets Window Salesman Don’t Want You to Know The title of “most slimy salesman” has shifted from zealous car salesmen, to the  dreaded window peddlers.  There are of course good and honest window salesman, but over bearing, pushy, and unethical ones have plagued the industry. You have companies in Richmond, that barge into your home […]

Great Richmond Florist-Pat’s Florist

As a family owned business in Richmond, we love supporting other local businesses. Sometimes its hard to find what you need locally, but if you are looking for a great Florist, Pat’s Florist in Richmond is the way to go. I recently had a horrible experience with Pro Flowers, so I needed to find a […]

5 Things to Stop Buying at Home Depot Right Now

  5 Things to Stop Buying at Home Depot Right Now Home improvement stores are great because they allow even the most novice of homeowners to make their own repairs. Likewise, home improvement stores are horrible because they allow even the most novice of homeowners to make their own repairs. Home inspectors are taught that […]

Why Do Boy Scouts Collect Lint?

  This might come as a surprise, but there isactually a very practical use for lint. Boyscouts collect lint to make camp fires. They collect the lint, put it in egg cartons, or toilet paper rolls, and make little fire starters.  Motivated scouts and campers may even dip their fire starters in melted max to make […]

6 Ways to Greet Your New Neighbors

When I was a “youngen,” during an era when children actually played outside, I always waved to anyone who was walking their dog, tending their garden, or simply enjoying a stroll around the neighborhood. I knew all the neighborhood kids, and my parents knew the adults. There were some conflicts over property lines, loud dogs, […]

Flexible Metal B-Vents

In order to better understand this article, take a minute to look closely at photos “A” and “B” below. Based on the photos, try and determine which metal vent is allowed to be installed in your gas appliance venting system. Venting is the process of distributing the poisonous combustion byproducts, such as Carbon Monoxide, to […]

Termite Protection in New Construction

Termite Protection in New Construction Having a new home built is part of the American dream, and customizing the details to fit the perfect home you have been building in your mind is a fun and creative experience.  Your options are endless.  You can make rooms larger, add in closet space, change the cabinet finish, […]

What is a Bootleg Ground?

The electrical system is one of the most complex, and difficult to understand system in your home. One problem we find quite frequently during our inspections is “bootleg grounds.” In Richmond, we. have a lot of older homes. I have personally inspected homes from the 1800’s, but early and mid 1900 homes make up the […]

Are Your Appliances Safe?

  It seems as if every day there is another massive recall on the appliances we use in our home. Millions of dishwashers, microwave ovens, furnaces, and other appliances are recalled every year.  Recalled appliances cause tens of thousands of fires every year, and millions of dollars in property damage.  It is literally impossible to […]

Is there Radon in Richmond?

The Radon concentration level at which the EPA recommends mitigating for is 4 pCi/L and above. Results from airchek.com estimate that around 24% of homes in Richmond have concentration levels that require mitigation.  24% of homes in Richmond have concentration levels that you should consider mitigating for. Call us at 804-269-4321 to get your home […]

Is there Radon in Goochland

The Radon concentration level at which the EPA recommends mitigating for is 4 pCi/L and above. Results from airchek.com estimate that around 29% of homes in Goochland have Radon concentration levels that require mitigation. 22% of homes in Goochland have Radon concentration levels that you should consider mitigating for. Call us at 804-269-4321 to get […]

Is there Radon in Dinwiddie?

 Is there Radon in Dinwiddie? The Radon concentration level at which the EPA recommends mitigating for is 4 pCi/L and above. Results from airchek.com estimate that around 22% of homes in Dinwiddie have concentration levels that require mitigation. 38% of homes in Dinwiddie have concentration levels that you should consider mitigating for. Call us at […]

Is there Radon in Henrico?

The Radon concentration level at which the EPA recommends mitigating for is 4 pCi/L and above. Results from airchek.com estimate that around 23% of homes in Henrico have concentration levels that require mitigation.  20% of homes in Henrico have concentration levels that you should consider mitigating for. Call us at 804-269-4321 to get your home […]

Is There Radon in Chesterfield?

Is there Radon in Chesterfield? The Radon concentration level at which the EPA recommends mitigating for is 4 pCi/L and above. Results from airchek.com estimate that around 28% of homes in Chesterfield have concentration levels that require mitigation. 22% of homes in Chesterfield have concentration levels that you should consider mitigating for. Call us at […]

Richmond Radon Testing

What is radon? According the EPA ,Radon is a cancer-causing, radioactive gas.  It is a gas that decays into radioactive particles that can get trapped in your lungs when you breathe. As they break down further, these particles release small  bursts of energy. This can damage lung tissue and lead to lung cancer over the course […]

Most Memorable Inspection Defects of 2013

Being a home inspector in Richmond is great. Here are some of my most memorable moments of 2013 in no particular order. Some are funny, but others are dangerous. 1.This is the dryer vent. The contraption attached to it is installed when terminating the kit indoors. Since this dryer vent is outside, its ridiculous to […]

Effing Effervescence!

  I have had it! My ability to remain collected, and composed in the face of absurdity has, for the present moment, left me.  Why? I am sick of hearing, and seeing home inspectors in Richmond, use the word effervescence. Effervescence is the process of bubbling as gas escapes a liquid. Perhaps we all witnessed some effervescence last […]

Double Keyed Deadbolts

In a prior life, when I worked on aircraft, we used to say that the maintenance manuals were written in blood. In my opinion, this applies to many building codes as well. This means that the codes, (and maintenance manuals) reflect decades of experience and are written to prevent repeat incidents of damage, injury, or even death. […]

Using an Old Inspection Report

The bane of every home inspector’s business is the unethical distribution of our reports to subsequent potential buyers. Many inspectors see it is as a scourge that plagues their ability to generate revenue.  It afflicts inspectors to the point where they threaten reporting the distributor, or even taking legal action against the user of the report!  Don’t […]

We Use Soapy Water to Save Lives

Home inspectors carry an array of different tools in order to provide thorough and accurate inspections. One of the most important tools that we carry, is a spray bottle of soapy water. In the video below you can see that this gas line to the meter is definitely leaking. The suds are bubbling up around […]

Don’t Let Your Listing Get Sick

The vast majority of the homes that I inspect are, for one reason or another, vacant.  There are some common things that owners do their vacant homes, that for a better lack of words, makes them gross. 1. Unplugging the fridge-I hate opening up fridges that have been unplugged for a prolonged period of time. […]

Setting the Trap

It is not uncommon for me to find a gas line sediment trap that has been installed wrong. This is usually the first thing I look at when approaching a gas water heater. If the sediment trap is wrong, my spector senses tingle, and I look for other problems with the water heater. My spector […]

The Real “Dirty Secret” in the Home Inspection Industry

The internet is proliferated with articles, and videos outlining the alleged dirty secrets of the home inspection and Real Estate industries.  Most of these articles contain faux secrets, claiming that other inspectors are inexperienced, unqualified, or may be writing soft reports to curry favor with real estate agents.  These inspectors are few and far between […]

FSBO’s Suck

From an Inspectors Perspective: FSBO’s Suck Perspective of: Juan Jimenez I think I get stuck with every FSBO inspection in Richmond, VA. Sometimes, I will have multiple inspections a week for FSBO’s.  Generally, if the home is FSBO, the buyer also has no representation.  From my inspector perspective, both parties are lost in the sauce […]

Dangerous Bathroom

“There are cases of people dying from this exact scenario.” Most home inspectors know that we need to objectively report our findings.  For me this includes not mumbling “what the heck?” under my breath, and being mindful of my body language such as facepalms.  However, when I walked into this bathroom, my tact fled, and […]

Failure is Imminent

Dry stack, or groutless stone veneers are becoming very popular. However, I often seem them installed poorly, and not according to the manufactuers recommendations. In the photo on the left you, see the underlayment (blue) and and the scratch coat. In the photo on the right, you can see the scratch coat is still exposed. […]

Should I test my home for mold?

As a home inspector, it is not uncommon for me to get asked if I will sample the home for mold. I was taught early on in my career that it was not necessary, so I never sought mold sampling credentials.  Eventually, after many inquiries, I decided to look into becoming a mold sampler.  This […]

Chesterfield Home Inspection

We recently performed a home inspection in Chesterfield, VA. As with all of our inspections, we found some deferred maintenance such as deficient caulking, clogged gutters, and trees in contact with the roof.  Trees in contact with with the roof should never be taken lightly. We have found significant damage from tree branches scraping the […]

Helpful Richmond Home Inspector

In the last two months.. We have found 3 recalls which in total resulted in 162 fires that caused property damage. 7 were described as extensive property damage. 4 injuries were associated with the recalls including 3 smoke inhalation injuries and one serious hand laceration.  We provided the number our clients need to call to […]

Ventless Fireplace Safety Concerns

Ventless fireplaces, more accurately known as duct-free fireplaces and room-venting fireplaces, are a type of residential gas-heating device.  Ventless fireplaces are preferred because they burn at nearly 100% efficiency, release far less harmful gasses than most other heating alternatives, and their installation is restricted little by architectural constraints. They are controversial, however.  Despite their name, they […]