It seems as if every day there is another massive recall on the appliances we use in our home. Millions of dishwashers, microwave ovens, furnaces, and other appliances are recalled every year.  Recalled appliances cause tens of thousands of fires every year, and millions of dollars in property damage.  It is literally impossible to keep up with all of the new appliances that are recalled every day.

Appliance manufacturers offer consumers a chance to register their appliance, and be notified if it becomes recalled. Let’s face it…no one ever does that.  There is also a good chance that your appliances were already in the home you purchased and you did not even consider that they could be recalled. The truth is, hardly anyone considers appliance recalls until its too late.

Luckily, home inspectors are tackling this problem.

With all of our home inspections, we include a free RecallChek.  We document the appliance model number and serial numbers, and submit them to be checked for recalls. If there is a recall, our clients are notified about it with a report that also gives them information needed to get their appliance repaired for FREE. If there aren’t any recalls, their appliances are monitored for life in case any of their appliances do become recalled. We can definitively say that we offer our clients more protection than inspectors who do not offer RecallChek.

Check out this snippet from an actual RecallChek Report we provided for one of our clients.

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